We are very proud of our curriculum which has been shaped specifically for our learners and environment, to create irresistable learning!

At Si Ri Panya International School we follow the British National Curriculum. This is then adapted by our Curriculum Lead and teachers into a whole school 'Big Idea' each half-term, which is then divided into three fun and engaging 'Topics' across the Key Stages.

What are Topics?

Our 'topic' based approach to teaching and learning allows many areas of the curriculum to be connected together and integrated within the topic. 

'Topics' help children to see how subjects are independent and dependent, enabling them to see the big picture of their leaning, make connections through and across different subjects and talk about a topic from multiple perspectives.


Topics this Half-Term?

For the next 6 weeks our whole school  'Big Idea' is INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY

  • The Year 1 & 2 'Topic' is Thailand 'TUSKS, TALES AND TEMPLES'

  • The Year 3 & 4 'Topic' is Mexico 'VIVA MEXICO!'

  • The Year 5 & 6 'Topic' is Australia 'VOYAGES, VILLAINS & VENOM

Within the topics the children will focus on their chosen country exploring the country’s geography, history, art , festivals, music and culture etc.

See our 'big idea' overview for the next two-years

How we make Learning Engaging

As much as current circumstances allow, each 'Topic' contains the following components:

  • Learning in the community

  • Parent Workshops

  • 'Child as Teacher/Leader'

  • Class Presentation of their learning to the school community or wider community e.g An exhibition, a parent assembly

Our Class Learning Journals
In aditional to their individual work, each class records their learning journey experiences together in a group journal, this is then emailed to parents at the end of the half-term. The Class Learning Journal contains examples of:


  • Work completed throughout the half-term

  • Photographs of children working/learning

  • Photographs of children’s work

  • Quotes from children

  • Photographs of classroom displays

  • Topic trips or learning in the community

  • Topic Workshops and assemblies

At Si Ri Panya International School, we follow the British National Curriculum and the renowned White Rose Math scheme of work, influenced, inspired and informed by the work of leading maths researchers and practitioners across the world

Together at Si Ri Panya International School, we’re building a whole new culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths – a culture that produces strong, secure learning and real progress.

Below you will find overviews of each Year groups scheme of learning.


learn more about curriculum progression through Year groups 1 to 6

Watch this Space!

Upcoming special whole school learning days!

This term we will have a fabulous whole school day of religious education. Each class will learn about a different religious festival and ceremony (e.g. learning about Divali and making flower garlands). The whole school will then come together at the end of the day to share our learning.

Coming soon: Special whole school e-safety learning day!

Download - Term 1 a
tusks, tales and temples in frame.jpg


Download - Term 1 a
VIVA MEXICO! in frame.jpg
Download - Term 1 a
Voyages, Villans and Venom in frame.jpg
Download - Year 1 Math overview
Year 1 - 6 Maths teaching overviews-1.jp
Download - Year 2 Math overview
Year 1 - 6 Maths teaching overviews-3.jp
Download - Year 3 Math overview
Download - Year 4 Math overview
Year 1 - 6 Maths teaching overviews-4.jp
Download - Year 5 Math overview
Year 1 - 6 Maths teaching overviews-5.jp
Download - Year 6 Math overview
Year 1 - 6 Maths teaching overviews-6.jp
Year 1 - 6 Maths teaching overviews-2.jp

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