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Getting a visa in Thailand, like any other country, can be a time-consuming process, and our team is happy to offer support and advice every step of the way.

Types of Visa
The school will support the application of ED-visas and O-visas for pupils of Si Ri Panya International School and their parents.

  • Pupil Visa – Non-Immigrant ‘ED’ type visa (ED-visa)

A visa which allows a child holding a foreign passport to study in Thailand within an accredited International School.


  • Parent Visa – Non-Immigrant ‘O’ type visa (O-visa)

A visa which allows a parent holding a foreign passport to accompany one child who is studying in Thailand and has been issued with a pupil Education Visa (ED-visa). Each pupil ED-visa entitles a parent to apply for an O-visa to accompany their child.

        One ED-visa = one Non-O visa
        Two ED-visas (two children) = two Non-O visas


Overview of steps required

Step 1:    Initial single-entry ED-visa or O-visa made outside of Thailand (90 days)

Step 2:    One-year extension of ED-visa or O-visa at Phangan Immigration office.

Visa Fees

The school charges an administration fee for preparing the required paperwork for each each visa. Note this fee is not inclusive of the visa fee charged by immigration when you apply. 

  • THB 2,000 per person - Apply for your first 90-day visa

  • THB 2,000 per person - Extend into a 1-year visa

  • THB 2,000 per person - Renew a 1-year visa

Please email: for further information

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