Getting a visa in Thailand, like any other country, can be a time-consuming process, and our team is happy to offer support and advice every step of the way.

Types of Visa
The school will support the application of ED-visas and O-visas for pupils of Si Ri Panya International School age over six years and their parents.

  • Pupil Visa – Non-Immigrant ‘ED’ type visa (ED-visa)

A visa which allows a child holding a foreign passport to study in Thailand within an accredited International School.


  • Parent Visa – Non-Immigrant ‘O’ type visa (O-visa)

A visa which allows a parent holding a foreign passport to accompany one child who is studying in Thailand and has been issued with a pupil Education Visa (ED-visa). Each pupil ED-visa entitles a parent to apply for an O-visa to accompany their child.

         One ED-visa = one Non-O visa
         Two ED-visas (two children) = two Non-O visas


Overview of steps required

Step 1

Initial single-entry ED-visa or O-visa made outside of Thailand (90 days)

Step 2

One-year extension of ED-visa or O-visa at Samui Immigration office.


Please email: for further information.


Limited spaces available
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