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We have a four week rotating menu which include a variety of Thai and Western dishes.


We believe that a healthy balanced diet is the foundation of a successful academic life. We therefore strive to serve natural, low-sugar and salt meals with the freshest possible local produce, using high quality olive and soybean oil only and no MSG.

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Download our School Menu

Health and Nutrition

Our current menu has been looked at and broken down into macronutrients to make sure each meal provides pupils with all the nutrition they need based on current guidelines and recommendations.


After-School Activity (ASA) snacks

If you are staying for an ASA you can bring in a small snack for 3pm. We would like to encourage parents to only send their children to Si Ri Panya with healthy snack options.  Snacks are quite often shared between friends and we don’t want to have students eating snacks at Si Ri Panya that they aren’t allowed to eat from their own parents. Therefore, if a student brings for example candy and crisps to school the teacher will ask the student to open when they go home.


Personal preferences

If after looking at the menu you know there is a day your child does not like the food available then please send in a small box of food for that particular day and let their class teacher know.

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