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KEY STAGE 3: YEARS 7-9 CURRICULUM (ages 11-14)

In the first three years of Secondary School (Year 7-9), our students build on and consolidate the skills and knowledge they have acquired in Primary School. 

In the Secondary School (Year 7-11), we place a strong emphasis on the core subjects of English, Maths, and Science, which are central to both curricula. We offer two separate English classes, with students choosing between English as a first language or English as a second language. We also offer a variety of other subjects for our students to explore, including Global Perspectives, Thai Language and Culture, Computing, Design and Technology, Food Technology, Art, History, Geography, and Physical Education. These subjects are designed to help our students develop a well-rounded knowledge base and a love of learning. 

In addition to these academic subjects, we also offer a range of co-curricular activities, including Personal, Social, Health, and Economic lessons (PSHE). These activities are designed to help our students develop the social and personal skills necessary for thriving in the Secondary School and in life, as well as building self-motivation and work ethics. 

As an accredited Cambridge school, Si Ri Panya International School students complete Cambridge progression tests in Years 7, 8, and 9 each term. These tests are designed to monitor a student's progress and understanding of the curriculum, and provide external validation of a student's achievements and help identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Our goal is to prepare our students for success in the Secondary School and beyond, by providing a balanced education that incorporates both academic and co-curricular activities. We believe that this holistic approach is the key to developing the whole person and helping our students reach their full potential. Our sports program, in particular, is designed to help students develop physical fitness and healthy habits, while our science program encourages students to explore the world around them and develop critical thinking skills.


Cambridge Lower Secondary English is designed for learners who have English as a first language and can be used in any cultural context. It empowers learners in their application of English and encourages life-long enthusiasm for reading, writing and spoken communication. It develops communication skills inEnglish that learners can apply in everyday situations and in study. It also equips them with transferable language skills for interrogating and producing spoken and written texts and working collaboratively.



Following the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme helps learners to lay the foundations for lifelong learning, including: 

• curiosity about the world around them and enthusiasm for learning 

• knowledge, understanding and skills that can be applied in and across subjects 

• effective and confident communication skills, including in English 

• understanding of their personal and local context, as well as having global awareness. 


In Cambridge Lower Secondary English, learners: 

• become confident communicators, able to apply their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills effectively in everyday situations and in studying a range of subjects 

• see themselves as readers, engaging with a range of texts for information and for pleasure, including texts from different times and cultures 

• see themselves as writers, using the written word clearly and creatively for a range of different audiences and purposes 

• develop speaking and listening skills for effective presentation and collaboration, sharing and responding to ideas to achieve a shared understanding or goal 

• develop a broad vocabulary and an understanding of how to apply grammar and linguistic conventions appropriately 

• develop skills to evaluate spoken and written texts, making decisions about how convincingly they represent different values and opinions.

KEY STAGE 4: YEARS 10-11 CURRICULUM (ages 14-16)

At Si Ri Panya International School, our Cambridge Upper Secondary curriculum for Year 10-11 is designed to help students refine their key subject interests and prepare for exams as well as future studies.

In these years, we follow the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), which is an internationally recognized version of the compulsory school examinations in England and Wales. IGCSEs are highly respected and are excellent preparation for A Level and other post-16 qualifications. Our students can choose from a range of examination boards, including Cambridge, Oxford AQA, and Edexcel.

In addition to the core subjects of English, Mathematics, and the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), our students also select four elective subjects from a variety of options. These include languages, humanities, and free choice subjects such as art, computer science, design and technology, food technology and global perspectives. Students with Thai nationality must also include Thai among their electives.

We encourage our students to maintain a full timetable with a broad range of subjects throughout their IGCSE studies. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded education that prepares our students for success in their future studies and beyond.

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