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Head of Primary School Tina Cooper

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I have a diverse background, having lived and worked in various regions, starting in Leicestershire and Cumbria in the UK, and extending to international destinations such as Sakhalin Island, Madrid, Malaga, Beijing, and Singapore.

In my leisure time, I enjoy listening to music, walking, and cycling. My husband and I have a particular passion for walking, and we especially enjoyed walking the Camino De Santiago, a journey of over 900 kilometers from the French border across Spain.

I am an avid animal lover, particularly fond of dogs. In the past, I have volunteered at an Animal Welfare Charity. While in Singapore, we fostered a community cat named Batman when he fell ill. He now lives with our former neighbors and, at 15 years old, is still going strong. We receive regular updates about him.

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What attracted you to teaching?
My teaching career spans over 30 years, primarily at the Senior Management level. I am passionate about teaching because it fosters creativity and allows me to share knowledge, skills, and experiences. A love of learning and a desire to help others have always been central to my career choice. The dynamic nature of teaching, where no two days are the same, makes it both challenging and highly rewarding.


How has your background influenced you as an educator?

My lifelong learning and curiosity about the world have fueled my passion for education. Progressing from a teacher to a Head has enriched my experiences and skills. Working in diverse cultural settings, both in the UK and internationally, has significantly contributed to my growth.

Embracing good values and a strong moral compass enables me to understand and immerse myself in different cultures, showing care and sensitivity to everyone. To me, education is synonymous with growth, providing opportunities to explore interests and achieve dreams, which are essential for overall happiness and well-being.

What’s your educational background?

Having completed a 4 year Bachelor of Education (Hons) Degree, I taught in rural and inner city schools in the UK. I have been fortunate to teach every year group in the Primary phase from children as young as 4 years through to 12 year olds. I have also taught secondary age students and English as an Additional language.

I have been a Lead Teacher for English, this involved supporting teachers in other schools with raising attainment in writing as well as a Key Stage 2 Writing Moderator for my local authority. I have also supported small businesses in providing
educational resources, and for one in particular, creating a visitors centre for schools to use in order to enhance and promote their products.

I completed the National Professional Qualification Headship (NPQH), which gave me a valuable insight into school leadership and since this time have worked in Senior Leadership roles both in the UK and internationally. I have developed an extensive range of pedagogy related to different curricula, including Reggio Emilia, PYP/IB, IPC, Cambridge and of course the UK National curriculum. My experience with different curricula and contexts is extensive and has enhanced my
understanding of progression in learning.

I have experience in leading schools through different accreditation processes which is important for schools as ultimately this improves teaching and learning across the school.

How has your journey so far equipped you to be Head of Primary at Si Ri Panya International School?
My journey as an educator and leader has helped me articulate what it means to provide quality education and define my values-system. I believe in education that meets individual children's needs, promotes formative assessment approaches, and nurtures critical thinking skills.

A compassionate and empathetic school community is essential for these learning experiences. I am committed to ensuring that every child can unlock their hidden talents in a fun and nurturing environment, preparing them for their future.
I am passionate about teaching and have high expectations, striving to support children to be the best they can be.

Do you have a personal educational philosophy?

As a Senior Leader, I believe in leading by example and delivering high-quality education to all children. Supporting, coaching, and mentoring staff to achieve the same goal is crucial. I am driven by the belief that "Every Child Matters."

A piece of prose by Hemingway resonates with my philosophy:
‘Inside every one of us, so it would surely seem, are foundations for our future and the makings of a dream. Our dream might be a small one, nothing monumental, but it remains a part of us… growing, silent, and gentle. So do not ignore the dreams you have, but nurture them with care, they will add that touch of hopefulness, when life can seem unfair. They will fill your life with reason, and give your spirit lift; the makings of your dream could be your comfort and your gift.’
S. Hemingway 2009

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