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Si Ri Panya International School is committed to providing a supportive environment for students for whom English is not their first language. Our EAL support program is designed to ensure that every student who joins our community is able to thrive and succeed in their studies.

During the admissions process, the English proficiency of each student is evaluated to determine if extra support is needed. Students who require additional help will join an EAL support group.


Primary School EAL Provision:



For primary school students who are in the early stages of acquiring English, they will leave two of their Thai language lessons within the school day to attend a small EAL support group of 1-6 children. These groups are designed to help students make faster progress in learning English and begin to access the regular classroom teaching. Students will continue in their EAL support group until they reach a stage at which teachers feel they are proficient enough in English to cope with the demands of the curriculum. At this point, they will be able to leave the specialist EAL support. In addition to the intensive EAL support groups, all our teachers provide in-class support to students whose first language is not English. We ensure that the planning and delivery of lessons takes into account the specific needs of our EAL students.


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