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Our mission and values represent a collaborative effort between our staff, parents and students, all of whom contribute to the development of our young people into responsible world citizens.


Our Mission

Through a balanced mix of education and social interaction, it is our concern to empower our students to respect, value and develop a love of learning through a fun and engaging curriculum.


Our Values

We believe the link between values, education and wellbeing is powerful. Our Si Ri Panya International School Values are celebrated each week in a whole school assembly whilst throughout the year a Value is focused on each half term.


Each Value reflects a core character trait that the school believes will assist our students to become responsible global citizens, who treat others with respect and aspire to be the best that they can be, socially and academically.


In a world of rapidly changing technological advances, globalization, scientific discovery and economic development it is important that we focus on the core values that remain constant, such as those found in the Si Ri Panya Values. They are not only key in academic success but vital in creating the types of worldviews and perspectives that will contribute towards a brighter future for our planet and for future generations.

Our curriculum is rich and varied, offering informal learning experiences that integrate our values and place emphasis on the skills needed to become responsible global citizens. 

At Si Ri Panya, we are creating learners who are:



Someone who faces difficult situations bravely and welcomes new challenges. Someone who is willing to solve problems and find new ways of thinking in new and unfamiliar situations.



Someone who is considerate of themselves and towards others. Someone who understands how their actions might impact others and the environment and so is respectful and caring towards these.

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Someone who appreciates people's similarities & differences and actively engages with the local community and wider issues. Someone who is keen and ready to make a difference in society; locally, nationally and globally.



Someone who can learn from, embrace and overcome failure; to meet challenges with perseverance and to look for solutions to meet a goal. Someone who doesn’t give up and defends their views and opinions whilst being respectful of others.



Someone who tells the truth and makes the right choices even when no one is looking.



Someone who lives harmoniously - spiritually, emotionally & physically. Someone who understands who they are as a learner and as a person in the world.

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