Application Fee                                             1,000 baht

The application fee covers the processing when the initial application of the pupil is made. If you are within Thailand when applying this includes the one hour one-to one assessment and the half-day visit day which is required before an offer of a space can be confirmed.


Admission Fee                                               Free

The admission fee covers all administration and capital fees to register your child with Si Ri Panya and the relevant authorities.


Security Deposit                                           10,000 baht

This acts as financial security and reservation fee for a place at Si Ri Panya, and is returned upon withdrawal of a pupil from Si Ri Panya providing all fees have been cleared and notice, in writing, has been received by the school at least a FULL calendar school term in advance. If less than one full term’s notice is given then the deposit shall be forfeited in lieu of sufficient notice.


Sibling Discount

Second child                                                             5% discount

Third and subsequent child                                 10% discount


Advanced Payment Discount

Full payment of an academic year’s fees.      5% discount


Tuition Fees include

  • All tuition during school hours (9am-3pm)

  • All course books, exercise books, work books and other learning material. Note: course books are to be returned in a good condition at the end of the term / year. Lost or overly damaged course or library books will be back charged at replacement cost.

  • Healthy lunch, morning and afternoon fruit

  • School trips as planned by Si Ri Panya.

What is not included

  • Private Tuition outside of school hours

  • Additional clubs and activities outside of school hours

  • School uniform and apparel, these can be purchased at Si Ri Panya.


Payment methods

Payment can be made via cash in the main office or electronic transfer to our bank



Bank Name: Krung Thai Bank

Branch Office: Koh Phangan Branch

Account Name: Si Ri Panya School Co Ltd

Account Number: 836 – 0 – 12118 – 4


Please ensure all bank transfers are made in good time and cover all the bank transfer charges. You MUST provide a receipt for deposits/transfers made into the bank account.


Non-Payment Procedure

  1. An invoice is delivered to all parents and a FULL payment is due.

  2. If a parent does NOT make a FULL payment, a REMINDER is given to the parent.

  3. If any fees are NOT paid within 5 days of the due date the pupil will leave Si Ri Panya, the deposit is forfeited and the class space given to another child on the waiting list.

  4. Reports and certificates will be withheld while fees remain unpaid.


Refund Policy

Tuition fees and security deposits are refundable, no other fee or charge is subject to a refund.

  • Single Term Payment

    • No refunds are given for a single term payment.

  • Multiple Term Payments

    • If a payment of more than one term has been made then a refund will only be offered if the following terms have been met.

  1. Notice, in writing, has been received by the school at least a full calendar school term in advance of the term starting. If this requirement is not met then a terms fees will be forfeited in lieu of sufficient notice.

  2. No tuition has been provided within the term(s) claimed for refund. If a pupil has received any tuition within any school term, then refund for that term will not be considered.

  • Refunds shall be made at least 30 days after the departure of the pupil from Si Ri Panya.

  • Any bank charges relating to the refund shall be deducted from the refund.

  • All outstanding payments for the academic year to be made; uniforms, after school clubs etc. will be deducted from the refund

  • Any yearly payment discount is made void due to early departure will be deducted from the refund

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