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At Si Ri Panya, all children are provided with opportunities to extend or enrich their learning through our after-school activities (ASA) programme.


Children are encouraged to choose a varied programme, with the opportunity to make new choices each semester.


  • ASAs are available for all children from Years 1 to 6 from 3:05 to 4:00pm.

  • External providers also provide some ASAs e.g. karate with Evolve Gym, Sports with JC-Active and Dance with Merav.

  • There is an extra cost for ASAs.


ASAs available are communicated prior to the start of each term by email. Parents sign up for their children to participate in ASAs each term through reply to the ASA email or you can contact our Headteacher via for more information.

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Singing and drama is an exciting club where children can explore their musical interests by participating in dance classes, singing songs, playing instruments and much more. In dance and drama we love working together to create music by learning songs from popular culture or musicals. We enjoy playing music together, using the variety of instruments we have at school. In dance and drama club, we also learn about different acting techniques and will often create short plays to show in whole school assemblies. If your child enjoys singing, dancing and performing then sign them up to this club!

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This club is an opportunity for the children to get creative.  We will focus on drawing, painting and modelling skills and look at some famous artists to base our own work on. Creativity is an important skill to help children grow and develop in fine motor skills and self-expression.

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STEM -Science, Technology, Englineering & Math ASA

This club is designed to be an enjoyable way for children to engage with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). STEM Club is great for children who like to create, who are problem solvers, innovators, and inventors. Each week the children will take part in practical activities designed to deeper their understanding in particular areas. The club gives children opportunities to explore, be creative and gain knowledge, all whilst learning in a practical way.

Example Activity: Fun things that fly - Children will take part in the following activities: Designing and making windmills, aeroplanes and kites; collecting feathers and learning how wings work in flight; making hot air balloons and testing what they can carry.

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Computing ASA

This club is all about improving young children’s computer skills. The aim of this club it to teach the basics of how to use a computer effectively and confidently. Types of activities include:

·        Creating and editing pictures

·        Learning about music through chrome music lab

·        Learning how to use a computer through playing games

·        Once they have learnt the basics we can begin to show the children basic coding

This club will be delivered in a fun manner allowing the children to enjoy it whilst still learning valuable skills.

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Karate ASA

Karate club is a great way for children to train mind, body and spirit to act as one. Children, who get involved in martial arts, can reap many benefits, including: fitness, self-defense, self-discipline, respect and self-confidence. Last year our Karate group were awarded their yellow belts! We are all very proud of our little warriors and the effort that they put in each week!

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Nature ASA

Nature club is an exciting opportunity for children to learn about the natural world around them. Using our school garden, we will get our hands dirty and grow salad and vegetables and will learn the science behind what makes things grow. We will then use our organic produce to create simple meals. To encourage a variety of species to visit our school, we will create and make bird houses, ponds and bug hotels. We will learn about the different species of birds and insects in Thailand and document which visit our school. This is an exciting club for children who enjoy being outside, don’t mind getting their hands dirty and who enjoy learning about nature.

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Beginner Readers ASA

A club aimed at beginner readers of English focusing on the building blocks of key reading skills. The club will be aimed at developing and applying children's phonetic awareness and developing fluency within reading. Beginner Readers Club will support children's expanding and developing vocabulary through reading. We will also be focusing on initial comprehension skills of predicting and inference.

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Jazz, Ballet & Aerobics Dance ASA

Each week in our dance club, you will experience a different type of dance. The goal is to bring passion, fun and creativity to every class, nurturing the students' love of dance. Children will develop strong coordination, focus, creativity, expressiveness and musical sense. A choreographed dance will be created to present to parents, friends and family at the end of the term.

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Phonics Games ASA

This is a club to help children with early reading and knowledge of letters and sounds. We will learn about this through games, songs and challenges to help to increase children’s access and enthusiasm for reading unfamiliar words and spelling in English.

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Create, Edit, Code, Play & Learn ASA

In this club we will be looking at improving both our digital skills and mathematical skills in a fun way. Types of activities your child could be doing include:

·         Coding animations and games

·         Creating/editing movies and pictures

·         Compose and record music

·         Improving skills on Microsoft office

·         Learn about coding language

·         Improving Maths knowledge through games

This club is a good opportunity to show your child how the world has evolved into the digital age and that many of the activities above help prepare your child to excel in the 21st Century.